AAS Vidyalaya - How to remember what you study? (With minimal effort!)

How to remember what you study? (With minimal effort!)

Many of the resources out there that teach you how to remember your notes from secondary school education always recommend that you study again throughout the day. While this is correct, not every student has that type of free time. They simply want this test to be over with! Hopefully, these suggestions will be more useful.

Rewarding Yourself

  • If you want to remember what you studied, reward yourself! The human brain is made to function better on a rewarding system, so treat yourself. Giving yourself a piece of candy every time you finish a chapter, a few pages of notes, or finally memorize a part could be a nice motivation.
  • Another technique in secondary school education to motivate yourself is to take a longer break once you've remembered a complete chapter, study guide, or whatever else you've memorized.
  • The key is that performing things that provide an incentive will make your brain feel happy. It works harder, smarter, and faster as a result of this. It also remembers "feel good" experiences in life more easily, which will come in useful during the test.

After Workout Study

  • Studying after a workout is perhaps one of the most underappreciated study techniques for memory retention during secondary school education. Working exercise enhances your body's blood flow naturally.
  • That blood flow keeps your brain at a constant level of concentration. In other words, you're instructing your memory to perform more efficiently. Furthermore, you've most likely witnessed this occurrence and failed to realize it.

Memorize in portions

  • Memorizing in portions is the simplest approach to feel progress while learning. Try to memorize a certain area of your study every 25 minutes when using the Pomodoro Technique.
  • There will always be a method to divide up your work into smaller chunks, whether you're studying math and science or psychology and history.
  • Make a list of the main points from what you're reading. Written words are remembered 7 times better by your brain than ones you read.

It's not so much about tricking your brain into remembering things as it is about tricking it into working harder with less effort. AAS Vidyalaya can really help you with tricks and tips regarding the same. Don't worry if you think studying right before night is bad for you. It has been shown to improve information retention (as long as you don't sleep too late).

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